Project INDICATE, pronounced « ECHO,  » can be described as global activity bringing medical expertise to communities in which it’s most needed. This program supports primary care providers with expert-level knowledge and mentoring to offer high-quality specialised treatment. It uses telemedicine and impressive telementoring to enhance the lives of underserved individuals.

In this innovative telementoring unit, specialists and first care service providers learn from the other person through a electronic clinic. Every week, participants talk with a multi-disciplinary team of experts to get training and guidance. During the session, each individual presents an instance and obtains responses from the other teleECHO(r) individuals.

These teleECHO(r) clinics can be conducted with a wide range of health care professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others. Participants work with free videoconferencing software Zoom. Additionally, they receive a short didactic display from an associate of the hub team.

As a result, the ECHO Model has become applied to many areas, by climate in order to improving education. It also supports emergency departments conducting sex-related assault forensic medical tests.

By increasing the capacity of local companies, the ECHO model can increase the quality of life designed for patients with complex chronic diseases. For example , the unit can help people with hepatitis C and diabetes find the best care available without having to travel to a costly specialty clinic.

Project REPLICATE has become a model for healthcare in many countries. Its reach has spanned a lot more than 40 nations around the world, including the America, India, and Brazil. And a few years, this hopes to contact more than a billion lives.